Solar Solution AZ is ready to meet all your solar power needs. We are a local solar panel service provider, committed to delivering seamless installations and repairs to Southern Arizona homes and businesses. With top-rated products and a 25-year warranty, you can expect your home to run efficiently on solar energy for years to come after we’re through.

Solar Panel Services

  • Thorough site evaluation
  • Design and permitting
  • Presentation from an experienced solar sales representative
  • Weekly reports provided by a project manager
  • Support from an experienced solar sales representative
  • Constant communication with the customer

On top of these services, we also provide the best product warranty in the industry. Our 25-year service and labor warranty covers the entire roof and solar power system, including every piece and part, from the panels down to the power optimizer. Our statement of service is thoroughly assessed, in line with your home’s structural and environmental characteristics. As a bonus, we guarantee that all our installation warranties and statement of service agreements are transferred to any individual who next purchases the home.

Why Choose Solar Solution AZ?

Our team, which is composed of highly-trained technicians, carries out comprehensive solar installation, maintenance, diagnosis, and repair services to make sure your solar power system captures sunbeams and generates electricity at peak capacity. If you don’t have a system yet, we also provide installations from scratch, and we will guide you through the transition every step of the way.

As a locally-owned and operated solar installer, our technicians have a good understanding of the many factors that affect the efficiency of a system. With our knowledge of local weather patterns and expertise in various roof systems, we can get your system to operate at its best consistently. Although our company was only founded in 2012, we have already gained the trust of many homes and businesses in Southern Arizona. As of today, we have delivered solar panel repairs and services for over 1,500 customers.

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  • No worries…we’re a locally owned and operated PV solar integrator that stands ready to meet your needs.

Individualized Service

  • Presented by an experienced solar sales representative
  • Thorough Site Evaluation
  • Design and Permitting
  • Weekly reports by Project Management
  • Constant Contact between homeowner and company

Best Product and Warranty in the Industry

We service all products for 25 years with no cost to the homeowner except for the 2-foot radius around all roof penetrations, specifically for flat roofs after year four. All shingle, metal, and concrete tiles hold a 25-year service and labor warranty.

All of our installation warranties and statement of service guarantees, transfer to any purchaser of the home or anyone acquiring the home.

  • 25-year product warranty on every piece and part (inverter, power optimizer, and panels)
  • 25-year production guarantee on the system
  • 25-year roof penetration warranty for permanent style roofs & four-year roof penetration warranty with flat rolled style roof
  • 25-year workmanship warranty on the labor

Guaranteed Rate

  • Locked-in Rate — No Surprises

Easy Installation

90 to 180 day installation guarantee from start to finish

No Hassle Process


  • We submit for permits and HOA requirements for you.


  • Through daily reports
  • Not only do we monitor your system, but so can you! You can monitor your system’s output on your desktop, tablet or phone.


  • Quick response when needed

Short and Long-Term Savings

Immediate savings from yearly rate escalations by utility companies

Exponential long-term savings upon owning your own power plant.

Our Best Salespeople


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Experienced Staff

  • Qualified and Experienced Management, Sales Staff, Project Management, and Installers