solar panel installation tucsonGone are the days when only the people who had the time and money to invest on a solar panel installation got to reap the benefits of going green. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and strong support systems, installation and maintenance costs for solar energy systems are now accessible for most homeowners. Local governments in Arizona, in particular, have made zoning and net metering policies much more favorable for home- and business-owners. As a result, the state is taking the lead in growing the country’s solar energy capacity.

As a local solar panel installation company in Tucson, Arizona we support this growth by offering seamless and straightforward installation and maintenance services. Our experts ensure that our products and services meet all standards while providing affordable payment options. To achieve this balance, we strictly follow a process of evaluating the needs and financial situation of each customer so that going solar would always be a wise economic decision on their end.

The Solar Installation Process

Evaluation and planning – before incorporating a solar power system into your home or business establishment, our technicians will first assess if your property can accommodate it. This involves evaluating your area’s available solar resources through local weather and statistical reports. The design and orientation of your roof, as well as your overall electricity needs and usage trends, will be assessed, too. These considerations will then determine the ideal size of your system.

Estimating upfront and overhead costs – one of our sales representatives will be evaluating how your solar power system installation will pan out financially once it is up and running. The federal government also provides 30% tax credit once the entire system is integrated, which means you’re getting free energy once it’s operating. Because economics plays a huge role in every homeowner’s decision to go solar, we will work hard to ensure that you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

Project execution – throughout the installation process, we will work closely with you and make sure that you understand how the system works. While our 25-year warranty takes that burden off of you, we wish to foster energy independence. Having control over your power lets you find better ways to maximize your savings.

Solar power is a no-noise, low-maintenance energy source that you and your family will benefit from for many years to come. Enjoy tax incentives and energy savings all while supporting the renewable energy initiative by choosing a dependable solar panel installation provider in Tucson.

To learn more about our installation services, get in touch with Solar Solutions AZ today. Take advantage of the no-obligation consultation with our solar experts.