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The savings are here. Homeowners are seeing savings up to 40%! There’s no other investment like it. Use your home to increase your net worth and learn more about how solar power can jump start your savings.

Trusted Solar Panel Installer in Southern Arizona

The world has so much potential to generate green energy through solar panels. All one needs to do is go out and look up at the sky to find evidence of this. The sun is our planet’s primary source of energy, but for centuries, we’ve been harnessing its awesome power incorrectly. Solar Solution AZ is here to remedy that oversight.

As one of the sunniest states in the country, Arizona has the potential and resources to power its homes and industries with clean, renewable solar energy. Solar Solution AZ is your neighborly expert and installer of solar panels in Tucson, AZ, committed to powering homes and businesses with efficiently captured solar energy.

As Arizona enjoys far more days of sunshine compared to most states, with a solar electric capacity of up to 96 watts per capita, it has been paving the way for solar power in the country. A supportive community, coupled with state and federal rebates and incentives and strong policies, helps residents and businesses maximize their savings with solar power.

To make the switch much easier and cost-effective, our Tucson solar installers provide no-nonsense service. We believe that consistently providing dependable service encourages more people to invest in solar power systems. As a result, the community’s solar capacity will grow and the community will reap more savings and rewards.

Discover some of the best solar lease, purchase, and financing options in all of Southern Arizona.

Need another reason to go solar?

Solar Solution AZ has been the #1 local solar panel installation company in Tucson, Arizona for the last five years; With over 1,500 happy customers in Southern Arizona, we know a thing or two about solar power in the Southwest.

Solar energy is always less expensive than your electric bill. Most homeowners save 20% the first month and $50,000 over the solar panel system lifespan.

The federal government Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to claim 30% of the cost of a home solar power system system. For example, if your system cost is $18,000, your one-time tax credit would be $6,000. For an easy to understand analysis please click here.

We take the worry out of solar panels for your home. We provide solar solutions, from financing, permitting, and HOA paperwork, to the utility company and installation, we handle it all! We pride ourselves on offering the longest, most comprehensive warranties and guarantees available. We don’t just provide solar, we provide peace of mind.


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Call Solar Solution AZ today at (520) 858-0220 to set-up your complimentary home analysis and estimate. We are locally owned and have been chosen by Tucson Electric Power as an alliance solar installer for homes and offices in Southern Arizona.

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